Fishing Report for August 24th, 2015

Madison River

Dam: 890 cfs

Kirby: 971 cfs

Varney: 1,020 cfs

Fishing has been a lot more consistent on the Madison this week, mostly due to cooler nights and thus colder water temps. Most of our aquatic insects are done for the year, as we wait for Fall to bring out the last big push of midges and Blue Wing Olives, but we are still having some good mornings on nocturnal stones imitations such as water walkers, fat alberts, and chubbies.  There are still a few caddis fluttering about, but for the most part terrestrials have been the name of the game.  Smaller hoppers in pink, flesh, and tan have accounted for some really nice fish over the last week, as have black and cinnamon ants, beetles, and various attractors.  If they aren’t looking up for you, then you can usually get some decent fish on nymphs under the indicator and we’ve been doing best on small gold and silver lightning bugs, #18 $3 and Krystal Dips, #18 hares ears, zebra midges, and shop vacs.  On a final note, the streamer bite has picked up in a big way over the last week, particularly in the mornings, and we’ve been doing best on black, olive, and natural sculpin patterns during periods of low light.  Some days we’ve had fish chasing big stuff all the way through the afternoon hours, and CH Barely legals, white silk kitties, and natural Trevor Sculpins have been the ticket when the sun is on the water.  Zonkers and mini loop sculpin trailing lightning bugs and various bead heads have also been productive when run under and indicator, but we seem to still be doing best fishing big stuff on the fast strip rather than the dead drift.

Fishing Report for August 15th, 2015

Madison River

Dam: 921 cfs

Kirby: 982 cfs

Varney: 1,030 cfs

It’s been more of the same on the Upper Madison this week, with some very good fishing one day and a tougher bite the next.  Mornings have produced some solid streamer fishing though, and we’ve been doing best on smaller sculpin patterns, peanut envys, and CH Barely Legals.  They are still eating zonkers and other variations of bunny fur under the indicator, but it seems like we’ve been doing a lot better working banks and buckets on a faster strip rather than the dead drift or drag.  Effective nymph patterns have been far more random than you might be used to, but there is usually one or two that will get it done once you find the magic bug.  Shop Vacs, Zebra Midges, $3 Dips, Gold Lightning Bugs, and Red Headed Step Childs have been the most consistent, but there are always a few wildcards that surprise us each day.  For the dry fly guys out there, we are still having some good mornings on nocturnal stone patterns from sun-up until 9:00 a.m., followed by some fair to excellent terrestrial fishing from late morning through the afternoon.  The hopper bite hasn’t been insane by any means, but we have had more than a few good fish come up for them just about every day–  Some of our better patterns this week have been #12 Morrish Hoppers in tan, #12 Panty Droppers, #10-12 Grand Hoppers in tan and flesh, and the #12 Pink Club Sandwich.  Of all the things you could possibly throw right now, ants are by far the most productive.  We’ve seen some decent honey ant flights throughout the entire river this week, and fish have been looking for them before, during, and afterwards.  Cinnamon and Brown Ant Acids, Delektable CDC Ants in Pink, and Aarick’s Two-Tone Para Ant have been some of our heavy hitters this week, but don’t neglect the cross-dressers like Royal Trudes, Stimis, and Crippled Wulffs (which they tend to eat for ants anyway this time of year).  Long story short, there is still some good fishing to be had on the Upper Madison but it is still very day-to-day for the time being.

Fishing Report for August 7th, 2015

Madison River

Dam: 822 cfs

Kirby: 914 cfs

Varney: 984 cfs

The Upper Madison is still fishing well but it has been a little more inconsistent as of late.  One day you’ll have a great bite going and the next you’ll be scratching your head wondering if you are on the same river.  That said, the dry fly fishing has started to pick up with attractors such as para wulffs, purple hazes, royal wulff cripples, and small PMXs being some of the top producers.  As it gets closer to noon, we have been getting a few fish to eat a hopper but the ant seems to be what the fish are really looking for.  Some of our favorite ant patterns on the Madison are Kelly’s Ant Acid, Delektable Cinnamon Flying Ants, Blooms Parachute Flying Ant, and Harrop’s Water Wasp in honey.  We heard a few reports of some good ant flights around McAtee Bridge in the late afternoon, as well as around Hebgen lake, but we should start to see them really get going here over the next couple of weeks. We’ve also has some good streamer fishing in the morning below Lyon’s Bridge over the last week, which usually continues on throughout the afternoon if the clouds hold.  You can usually get into them until 10 or 11 on the blue bird days, but it has been getting pretty tough after that.  Some of the better patterns this week have been Mike’s Pecs, Butt Monkies, CH Barely Legals, Trevor Sculpins, and Mini Loop Sculpins but don’t be afraid to throw some bigger stuff at them when the weather turns nasty.  The nymph bite is still your best shot at getting into fish right now, but be aware that they have pretty much seen EVERYTHING at this point in the season; That said, showing them showing them something a little different can make for a huge payoff when you hit it right.  Most of the flies we have been doing well on have been on the smaller side of the mayfly and caddis world, with $3 Dips, Krystal Dips, Micro Mayflies, Shop Vacs, small lightning bugs, and Galloup Hare’s Ears being the heavy hitters.  The Zonker/Bead head rig has been good most days but, like most other things, its consistency has started to wane.

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